Information Technology

November 29, 2022

The 6 challenges facing talent acquisition

As an organization if you are looking to hire qualified candidates for a job, you already know the efforts it takes to recruit one candidate for a position. There are so many steps associated with recruitment that can cost organizations tens or hundreds or thousands of dollars on just a single hire. Improve your recruitment strategy and candidate quality to mitigate the common talent acquisition challenges that come your way while recruiting. Efficient recruitment in this age is challenging as things are going leaner in terms of budgets and interview arrangements. In today’s competitive job market, finding and retaining talents is the most critical task. As per the iCIMS 2022 Workforce Report (, more than 90% of business leaders accept that the organization would not meet the set goals without the right talent. They also accepted that hiring and retaining talent would be the biggest challenge in the year 2022. Candidates hold all of the cards in today’s job market. They can find a job easily and, at the same time, can deny an offer if they don’t find their career path growing. To cater to the fluctuating mindset of candidates, employers need to redo their approach to talent acquisition, retention, and employee engagement to keep the workforce competitive.
November 29, 2022

6 Ways to make your hiring process more efficient

How do you make your company grow? It is when you hire the right people for the right positions. The next question is how do you hire the right people and what is the way to identify if the candidate is competent enough to survive in the work culture you are offering. Why don’t most hiring managers have a laid-back attitude when recruiting new people for their teams? Why are companies serious about the process? It is because the company’s future practically depends on these hiring decisions.